Okhata is a proprietary blend of aerogel with various hard polymers creating a new moldable material which carries upgraded qualities not found in the marketplace.

Okhata Aeropolymer


Okhata aeropolymer combines characteristics and properties of Aerogel with thermoplastics such as polypropylene and polyethylene and other proprietary ingredients creating a new moldable thermoplastic material.  This innovative and completely new material can be lighter, more insulative for extreme temperatures, reduce heat transfer, water repellent (hydrophobic) and sound absorbing depending on its application and mixture ratio.

Okhata’s aerogel infused, proprietary blends can be used wherever injection molded products benefit from heightened performance qualities.  Whether that’s quieter, cooler auto and marine parts, or containers that decrease water loss, the possibilities are endless. 


Today’s competitive marketplace coupled with global supply chain challenges requires a new edge at all levels of product manufacturing. Okhata is that edge. Our blend is made in Cheyenne, WY so there’s no worry about material held up at beleaguered ports.  Combined with the latest breakthrough in thermoplastic material, your customers can choose both quality and dependability. 


Since aerogel’s creation in 1931, scientists have sought to bring aerogel's inherent benefits to other applications and materials.
Leveraging this technological breakthrough, NASA set out to develop advanced materials incorporating these silica aerogels into polymer-based composites. Aeropolymer is one of those patent-issued technologies developed in a NASA lab. This extremely unique material was scientifically validated by NASA, while determined to be commercially viable and is now brought to market exclusively by Okhata.

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